marthe dupeyron

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My name is Virginie, my surname is Vieilledent.I’m14, I’m from Chaudeyrac, It’s next to the Langogne. I like the sport has the handball and the rugby and rugby man because there are beautiful but I love sport collective. I love animals, then I want become the vet but I don’t enjoy the school, and the people pretentious I like listen to music.
I’m tall and big I don’t like my body! I have defect like every world, but I don’t know speak English has lots of people of world. I have quality, like I’m sport man, I know speak French.
I have 2 sisters who are older me. There are in the secondary school at the Langogne and the Puy in Velay. My parents are farmers, my dad has a moustache and he has brown eyes, my mother is smaller than me like my sisters, and she is fair.
I have a big and beautiful family.


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