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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm going to talk about my free time or my hobbies.

I/At home

When I'm at home, during the week-end, I'm used to watching TV, I also listen to music a lot and I do my homework. Sometimes, when it's sunny (so, not during the winter), I enjoy going out and having a walk especially with friends. Sometimes, I can go to the Gard (in the south) with my mother. To finish, my dad comes once a month.

II/During my free time at school (I’m boarder)

I go with friends to the "city"(we can't do a lot of things there):
- if it's sunny we stay, for example, around the public garden or the cinema... We can buy sweets or magazines or food. We have fun and we can listen to music.
- if it's snowy or raining we stay in a bar and we drink hot chocolate. We can also listen to music.

III/During the holidays/out of home or school

I can see my grandma or my mother's friends who are very cool and nice in the Gard. I can do some shopping with my family. I have very good moments with my mum there. We enjoy ourselves. For me, it's fantastic to go there. They are my favourite moments.
I can go to the market in Uzès with my Grandma. Most of the time, I do the shopping with her or I take care of my body :she "teaches" me some things like what I should do if I've got dry skin. It's funny but not interesting.
With my dad, we can go to a foreign country. We go to the beach in the summer because he lives around Nice. We go to malls where there are goods shops. I love the Fnac, the Virgin, or H.Landers shops because we can find Levi’s clothes, converse or Doc Martens etc. I do sports like ski during the February holidays or walks during the sunny holidays. We do a fitness circuit the morning.
At summer, I can see a good friend who comes from Lyon. We go to village fêtes. I sometimes go to concerts. With my mum we go to the swimming pool or we go to another country with the car.


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