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Thursday, March 16, 2006

My name's Cynthia.I'm 14 years old. I live in Langogne. I've got 1 oder sister and 1 older brother. I've got 2 dogs(Sam et Athéna), birds, chickens and rabbits. During my spare time, I play computer, watch TV and listen to music. I listen to Rap, RN'B and pop/rock. My favourite singers is Robbie Williams and My favourite group are Keane. I like watching serials on TV; The O.C ,Charmed, One Tree Hill, Buffy, Angel, The 4400, Lost and Friends. My favourite actors are David Boreanaz, Brad Pitt, Chad Michael Murray.

Langogne was created in 998. Today, it's a small town with 3500 inhabitants. Langogne is situated in the north of Lozere in the centre of France. There is a lake in Naussac next to Langogne and a mill museum. There is also a swimming pool, an athletics club, a dance club and a cinema.
The food specialities are aligot made from mashed potatoes and cheese, pork sausages containing cabbage or chestnuts and maoche which is a big sausage with cabbage and potatoes

I will to talk about my town.
I live in Langogne. It's a small town witch was created in 998.There are about 3500 inhabitants.It's situated in the north of Lozère the smallest region in France. There are lot' of activities : there is a spinning mill, there is a swimming pool, and sports club: athletics, dance, judo(...), a cinéma and next to Langogne in Naussac there is a Lake where we can doing pedal boat, fishing...there are cafés, shoes shop, restaurants,and all saturdays there is market.
In Lozere there is also a park with wolves and lots of cows.
The food specialities are:
*aligot: made from potatoes and cheese.
*maoche: big sausage with cabbage and potatoes.
*pork sausage with cabbage or chestnuts.

I will to talk about my family and my house, so...
I live in Langogne, Lozère in France.
In my family, we are five:
*My Dad, Gilles is a plumber.
*My Mum, Denise doesn't work: she is a housewife.
*My sister, Virginie, is 20 years old. She has finished school so she looking for a job.
*My brother, Nicolas, is 19 years old. He is in twelth grade Bac Pro.
*And me Cynthia.
In my house, there is a ground floor, a first floor, a second floor and an attic. There are two bathrooms, one living room, two kitchens, three toilets, four bedrooms, a room study with the computer. Then outdoors, there is a garden with a hen house because I have some hens.


Blogger Village SJ said...

Hi Cynthia,

I am a teacher at St Julie's School in Liverpool, which is in the process of getting twinned with your school. I'm very impressed by your English-a very good piece of writing-we will find some of our girls to write to you and your friends.

Bye for now

J Hopwood

6:52 AM  

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