marthe dupeyron

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My name is Kévin and I’m 14 year old. I have two pets, a cat named Willy and a dog, Pirate. They are very nice. I’m an only child and live with my parents in Naussac. It’s a small town of France next to Langogne. In Naussac there are a big lake who is necessary for work of some nuclear plants in France. At school my favourite subjects are Math, Physic, French and English but I hate the subject who aren’t very important tha art. I have been playing the drums for 7 years and I want to become a professional drummer. For that I work a lots, about 10 hours a week during the school and about 22 hours a week during the holiday. I like hard-rock music, rock music, metal music. My favourite bands are Accept, Guns N Roses, U.D.O , Trust, Ocean, Van – Hallen and Lep Zepellin and my favourites drummers are Virgile Donati, Thomas Patris, Steve Gadd, Stefan Kaufmann, Stefan Schwerserman, Joey Jordison and Matt Sorum. I like too formula one and I support Michael Schumacher. I was at the GP of France in 2004 and 2005 and it was very cool, but in 2005, the suporter of Renault was very boring, stupid and dangerous because they threw big stone. And hate the U.S.A because they attacked Irak for oils and they attacked Afgnistan for fool American people, for the world think they search for terrorist. I’m happy the president of French refuse to combat with U.S.A, but I hate the governament of French because they don’t look after the young people ( we can see that during the émeute ) and they prefer to punish them ( than Sarkozy do ) and lots a french like him, but I think they don’t realized the young people become violence because we punish them and because they aren’t accept. Lots of of people come work in France and the French don’t accept that because they can’t work, there isn’t work every people ! But this stanger are men than French, but thFrench don’t understand that. But there are some people who come in French for have the money of the help of the governement, and the French hate that, but they don’t understand there is as stanger as French who do that in French. I hate think like them and I become very angry when I talk with peoples who think Sarkozy is the best polical man in France….. I think if we want to have better life we must change of political sistem but today there is too many coruption, it’s normaly because lots of men are always search for power and money so a sistem look like anarchy ( anachy is impossible, the men are too stupid ) is the solution.


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