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Friday, February 10, 2006

Hello !

I’m going to introduce myself: My name’s Amélie MARTIN. I’m fifteen years old and I live in the center of France in Langogne.

In my town there are 3500 inhabitants. There aren’t lots of shops.
I live in a house in a small village.Its name’s “le Forestier” and it's near Langogne. The area has lots of forests and mountains; there are many dairy farms and cows here. The altitude is 918m.

I’ve got a small brother his name’s Grégoire. I’ve got long brown hair, brown eyes and I am slim and tall. I’m laughing and

At school, I prefer French, English and Spanish but I hate math and physics. I love travelling, and learning different languages; I’d like to work in tourism later.

In my spare time, I enjoy seeing my friends and listening to music ( Eminem, Fifty Cents ..). I like watching TV or playing on my computer too.
I love playing basketball and my favourite football teams are Lens and Marseille.

In the world, I hate the war and I’m revolt by the dead of many children in poor country.


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