marthe dupeyron

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hi! My name’s Audrey, I’m fourteen years old. I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes I’m of average height. I love joking!

I live in Naussac, near Langogne in Lozere. In Naussac there is a lake but at the moment he is empty! The mayor of Naussac named Mr Gaillard and the mayor of Langogne named Mrs Romeuf. In Langogne there are about 3500 inhabitants it’s at 918m of altitude in mountains. Langogne was created in 998.

I’ve got one brother his name is Patrice, he is seventeen years old. I’ve got 2 dogs who named Ulysse and Andy and I’ve got 3 cats who named Yuky, Zaza and Vaïna.

At school, I like English and Spanish.

I like watching horror films and serials like “One Tree Hill”, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, The O.C”, “Tru Calling”… I like to watch football on television. I support two French teams: Lens and Lyon.

I enjoy talking on the internet and hanging out with my friends. I love to listen to rap. I listen to Sinik, Eminem, 50 cent… I rarely read books but I often read the news and news about famous people.

In the world, I dislike the war.


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