marthe dupeyron

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My name’s Suzy, I’m 14.
In my spare time I do flatland ( BMX ) when it’s fine but when it’s raining, I draw or I play the guitar. I enjoy listening to rock music, I think I’m the biggest White Stripes fan. I love metal music too but I really hate rap music. Apart from the White Stripes, my favourite groups are Slipknot, M.Manson, Deftones, Pleymo, Watcha, System of a down… I love Michigan and specially Detroit because the White Stripes originate from this city. My favourite subjects at school are English and art. My favourite films are Sin City, Underworld, Requiem for a dream, Cold Mountain, Kill Bill, Las Vegas parano…
I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I live with my mother in a little flat, in Langogne ( Lozère ), near my school.
My dream is to meet Jack White ( the White Stripes singer ).
What I prefer to do is going to metal concerts because I love to pogo.
I don't know why but I prefer night to day. My favourite season is the autumn because it's not too cold and not too hot.
I find hats beautiful. I love dark clothes, that’s why, later, I’d like to design dark clothes. If I can’t do that job, I’d like to be a journalist in a rock music magazine.
I have a horse and sometimes I go horse riding. I have already had some cats but they have all died.
My favourite food is pizza.


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