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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hi !!!

I’m going to introduce myself.
My name’s Mélanie, I’m fourteen years old. I live with my parents and my brother in a small village in France.
I do dance, for 9 years; full-contact, for 3 years (I won the Championship of France with a friend in 2005); and theatre, for 4 years.
So, I like music, especially pop-rock, like Robbie Williams (I’m an addict!!!) or Red Hot ChiliPeppers or Texas.
I like being with my friends, joking, going out and talking with them. I enjoy them!
When I’ve got spare-time, I like watching movies (my favourite is “The Fifth Element” or series like “The O.C” (Benjamin McKenzie is fantastic !!!), going out with my brother or making cakes.
I dream of living in Los Angeles! Because the series “The O.C” is filmed here and Robbie Williams lives not faraway!! No, I’m joking, but I like travelling, so why not Los Angeles?
When I’m older, I’d like to become a midwife, but it’s very difficult, so I don’t know… I’d like to work in a O.NG. to help people who are in difficulty. Babies are really beautiful and sweet! I have ever done some baby-sitting and it was super!
But I hate war and politish men who always think money and army. I don’t like the ad, because ad is a reason to buy a product does’nt useful. I hate singer or actor think only money or physic. I also hate people who are making fun of some person instead help them. I hate people who being selfish and who praising itself. So I hate a lot of things !



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