marthe dupeyron

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I’m Romain Fortier, I’m thirteen.

I live in a small village named Auroux. It’s in Lozere, France. Auroux is next to a river: the Chapeauroux. There are around four hundred inhabitants in the summer and one hundred in the winter. The only shop, a grocer’s shop, will soon close because there are no people. Auroux is in mountains. This is a village which is “lost” in the middle of nowhere.

I live with my mother, Patricia. She’s forty-five and she‘s a painter. My father, Fabien, died when I was two, eleven years ago. I haven’t any brothers or sisters. The rest of my family live in Normandy or in the region of Paris.

My hobbies are look at TV, read comics or novels and play videogames. I like science-fiction or heroic fantasy. My favourite films and my favourite books are The Lord of the Rings.

I’m a pupil in a school whose name is Marthe Dupeyron, in Langogne. My class is 3A. In this class there are seventeen pupils (there are more girls than boys). I do Latin and European English because it may help me in the future. I don’t like sport at school but I do efforts to have good marks. I like chemistry because it’s not difficult and music too (but I don’t like the teacher).


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