marthe dupeyron

Thursday, March 16, 2006


My name is Vanessa Bon. I'm 15. I was born in the Puy. This has 45 minutes of Langogne. People say I am annoying because I don’t do what they ask me to do . I have two brothers, their names are Cédric and Eric and I have one sister, her name is Karine. My parents are 53 and 44 years.
My mother work in Auroux. She works the linen room in St Nicholas. My father works in a zone industrial. I live with my parents in Langogne. This in France. I have two horses, their names are Geraldine and Pompon.
My hobbies are the horses and read the book as Harry Potter. I likes eat behind the TV, draw and speak with my friend. I dislikes went the school and tidy up my bedroom. I always at my grandmother and I plays with my cousins.

Langogne is in Lozère. This a small town. There are more than three thousand inhabitants and the town is one thousand and seven years old.


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