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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hi !

My name is Elise. I was born in Belgium.

I live in a little village, his name is La Grange. It’s in Lozère. Lozère is the most little department of France.

I live with my family. My brother named Steve, he is in a university. My mum named Sylvie, she word with handicapped people. My father named Eric he is an electrician. I have a dog.

I love David Boreanaz, I’m a fan to him. I always watch Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel because they are my favourite series. My favourite film is Pirates of Caribbean with Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. I love different types of music but I prefer Gwen Stefani and Raphael.
I love animals, my favourite animal is the tiger.

In my spare time I always enjoy going out with my friends and going to the cinema. I go to the computer, in the web for search any things. I watch my favourite series or films. I listen lot of music. I play different sports like basket ball or bike. I read comic books and books in general. My favourite book is Jo, it talks about aids. I love to see the clip in the television. Most of the time I'm bored. There is something which I don’t like to do it’s my homework but I’m oblige.


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