marthe dupeyron

Friday, March 17, 2006

This winter was cold and snowy. We didn’t have much snow except in January when it snowed between 30 and 40cm.
I chose this recipe because it makes you feel better when the weather is not good and when you can’t go outside. It is also a speciality of Lozere.

The recipe for the Fouace

For 2 kilos of fouace, you need 1 kilo of flower, 25grams of leaven per kilo, 300grams of fresh butter, eight eggs, 400grams of sugar, orange flower water, salt, and one glass of milk.
Mix the whole and knead during a half an hour. The paste, once worked must release a bubble of air.
Wrap the dough in a cloth and let it rest one night.
The following day, give a nice crown shape to it.
Put it in a hot oven until the becomes golden brown.
Beat an eggwhite until stiff, add a few drops of orange flower water and brush the fouace with it


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